Parker's New Bows for 2011

Parker bows have always offered a lot of bang for the buck, and for 2011 Parker offers even greater value for their popular Inferno model with the Inferno Firestorm Package, a package including the bow and 10 truly high-end accessories that will enable any hunter to walk out of the shop ready to hunt and having saved a lot of money in the process. The Inferno is a hunter’s bow, with more-than-adequate speeds of 320 fps and a forgiving 7.5-inch brace height compact axle-to-axle length of just over 30 inches, 80 percent letoff, and a very comfortable weight of 3.75 pounds. It’s available in 50- and 60-pound draw weights, and covers draw lengths ranging from 26 to 31 inches. The 10-piece Firestorm Package includes an SKB hard bow case; a Montana Black Gold AMP sight; a choice of a Whisker Biscuit or Hostage Rest; six Carbon Express arrows; six TruFire R1 100-grain broadheads with six matching field points; Parker’s 4-arrow quick-detach quiver; a braided wrist sling; a 6-inch stabilizer; a peep sight with alignment tube; and an embroidered cap. The bow alone retails for under $550, and the kit can be purchased with all the accessories factory-installed and shipped in the SKB case for under $800.

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