Parker Archery's New Bows for 2012


Parker has a reputation for designing high-value bows—bows that perform well at a moderate cost. The new Python burnishes that reputation. An extreme parallel split-limb design makes it look and shoot as if it’s a little longer than its compact 30 inches axle-to-axle. Boasting Parker’s Fulcrum Pocket System, Python High-Performance Single Cam, and speed bearings, it tops out at 325 fps, impressive for a bow this smooth-shooting. At 4.25 pounds, it’s comfortable if not super-light, and the 7-inch brace height makes it forgiving despite the compact length. The string is a Premium Stone Mountain, and the two-piece walnut grip is a nicely ergonomic touch. It’s available in 60- or 70-pound draw weights with 80 percent letoff, and draw lengths are 26 to 31 inches with modules included. Finish is Premium Camo, and the Python is reasonably priced at $600 retail. (An Outfitter Package with factory-installed/tuned accessories is available for $700.)


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Offering even more versatility and forgiveness with a trade-off of about 10 fps in speed is the new Velocity. It boasts a similar parallel-limb construction and most of the same technology and design features as the Python, but has a higher brace height at 71⁄4 inches and offers a full 20-pound draw weight range from 50 to 70 pounds without the need for a press. Driven by the Velocity High-Performance Single Cam adjustable from 26 to 31 inches, this bow also offers 80 percent letoff. Axle-to-axle it’s 30.125 inches, with a mass weight of 4.1 pounds. (Hey, they’re into precision measurements at Parker.) It comes in a Premium Camo finish and sells for a very affordable $400 bow only, $500 with the ready-to-shoot Outfitter Package.

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