New Bows for 2012

How do you shoot virtually every new bow at the ATA show and still remember which was which? You take notes on them, of course.

Looking over our notes from the 2012 ATA show in Columbus, a few trends emerge. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of economy bows is one of them, and some manufacturers have done an amazing job of packing high-end features and cutting-edge technology into moderately priced bows.

Lighter weight is another trend, and while some manufacturers buck the trend, many bow designers are finding ways to shave weight and still produce smooth, shock-free, very shootable bows.

Finally, versatility is on the increase, with more bows offering wider ranges of draw weights and draw lengths, along with more precise adjustability, sometimes without the need for a press.

Check out the tech and specs for 2012's new bows from 22 companies. Click the links below to view the new company lineups.

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