Mission's New Bows for 2011

It’s not surprising that Mission Archery might bear some philosophical similarities to its sister company Mathews. One similarity: When you make a great bow, create some variations on it to appeal to as many different bowhunters as possible. Mission has four new bows for 2011, and three of them are variations on a theme. All are single-cam bows built around similar machined risers with brace heights varying only slightly and outfitted with much—though not all—of the same technology, and the result is bows with similar performance characteristics and feels, but with slight differences to meet the needs of different individuals. The quickest of the three is the new VXT, a zippy 330-fps Voyager Single Cam bow with a longer (by current standards) axle-to-axle measure of 34 inches and a mass weight of 4.23 pounds. With a draw weight spanning 35 to 70 pounds, draw lengths reaching from 26 to 31 1/2 inches, the VXT sports a walnut grip and virtually all of Mission’s latest technology including Dead End String Suppressors and String Grubs for every extra fps. Suggested retail price for the VXT is just under $700.

Next in the new line-up is the Venture, an EL Single Cam bow rated at a still-impressive 321 fps, but at a shorter 30 1/4 inches axle-to-axle, and weighing in under 4 pounds. Other specs are very similar to the VXT, but it lacks the String Grubs and the walnut grip, substituting a composite grip. It’s lighter, shorter, not quite as fast but still plenty fast, a little less fancy, but carries a significantly lower price tag of just under $500.

Finally, the Endeavor is the probable choice for the value-minded. It has an IBO speed of 316 fps—a screaming speed bow by the standards of a few short years ago and still fast enough for any hunting bow. It has a look and a feel similar to the other new Mission bows, with the same EL Single Cam as the Venture, but at a price tag of under $400. For extra value, all these bows can be purchased with a Pro Hunter Package that includes a choice of the Mathews DownForce or HD II rest; a Mission M5 Quiver; an Axion Simplex 5-pin Sight; an Axion Silencer; and a Paradox Braided Sling.

The fourth new Mission bow for 2011 is the Craze, a youth bow that adjusts from a 19-inch draw length all the way out to 30 inches and a draw weight covering the range from 15 pounds to 70 pounds without changing limbs or cams. Actually, without so much as a bow press. (No kidding.) The Craze measures 28 inches axle-to-axle, has a kid-friendly 7 1/2-inch brace height, and reaches top speeds of 306 fps. At a weight of 3.75 pounds, it’s a bow a kid can shoot without getting fatigued, and it can appeal to any smaller framed or beginning bowhunter. The $300 price tag is a bargain when you consider the quality and versatility of the Craze.

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