Martin Archery's New Bows for 2012

Exile Pro

Martin’s entry in 2012’s “Most Bang for the Buck” category is the new Exile Pro. For a suggested retail price of $350 this parallel-limb bow boasts most of the same technology as Martin’s high-end bows, starting with the Fury XT Single Cams. It’s also got Martin’s Powertough Limbs, VEM dampening, the Saddleback Thermal Grip, Quick-Lock Stabilizer Mount, the Roto Cup pivoting limb system, and Hammerhead strings. Top speed is a more-than-respectable 320 to 330 fps with 80 percent letoff and a full 7-inch brace height. Axle-to-axle it’s a fashionably compact 30 inches, weighs in at a super-light 3.3 pounds, and comes in draw weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds, and draw lengths of 24.5 to 30.75 inches. It’s available in all Martin’s standard camo patterns and target colors. Did we mention that it’s $350 at full retail?

Bengal Pro

Martin’s new flagship bow for 2012 is the Bengal Pro. Some bows look aggressive, and this is one of them. Maybe it’s the flared, highly reflexed riser or the extreme limb angles. The “floating” Vibration Vortex VEM silencers built into the riser add to the unique appearance as well. Martin calls its Fury XT Single Cam “crazy adjustable,” and it certainly does add a lot of versatility to this bow, which is easily adjusted from 35 to 70 pounds and from a draw weight of 24 inches out to 30.5. Versatility aside, a top speed of 330 fps justifies the aggressive name and appearance. (This despite a friendly 7-inch brace height and full 80 percent letoff.) Axle-to-axle length is 31 inches, and the Bengal Pro weighs in at 3.8 pounds. An integrated adjustable draw stop allows shooters to easily adjust to their precise draw length, and the Bengal Pro features HammerHead strings and Martin’s Quick-Lock Stabilizer Mount, along with other Martin features including Powertough Limbs, a Saddleback Thermal Grip, VEM noise and vibration reduction, and the Silent Hunter Arrow Shelf. It’s available in Next G1 Vista Camo, Bonz Camo, Skulz Camo, Black Carbon (our favorite), and Crimson Red finishes. Martin’s Cloaked (camo) Cams are optional. Retail price on the Bengal Pro is $450.

Scepter V Pro

With a 7-inch brace height despite an axle-to-axle length of 40 inches, the new Scepter V Pro was clearly designed with the 3-D range in mind. The 10 stabilizer mounting holes on the back and sides of the riser are another clue, accommodating the most individualized needs for perfect balance. Martin’s Hybrid Pro Cams generate speeds approaching 335 fps with rotating modules for draw length adjustments in half-inch increments, and an adjustable draw stop lets shooters set their own letoff up to 80 percent while providing a solid back wall. Draw lengths start at 26.5 inches and range to 32.5 inches, and mass weight is 4.4. pounds. Available draw weights include 40, 50, and 60 pounds. Grip is custom target, and this bow boasts the whole range of Martin Pro series bows including HammerHead strings and a Quick-Lock Stabilizer Mount. Finishes include Next G1 Vista, Bonz Camo, Skulz Camo, Black Carbon, and Crimson Red. Suggested retail price for the Scepter V Pro is $800.

Pantera Magnum

Not too long, not too short: At 34 inches axle-to-axle the Pantera Magnum falls in that “just right” category for a lot of bowhunters. Something similar might be said for its speed: At 320 to 330 fps (depending on draw length) it’s plenty fast enough for any kind of hunting, but still easy-shooting and forgiving, especially with Martin’s Fury SX single cams, PowerTough limbs in a parallel design, 80 percent letoff, and a 7-inch brace height. Martin’s Carbon Fiber STS string stop virtually eliminates vibration at the shot. Mass weight is 4.1 pounds. The Pantera Magnum is available in draw weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds, and draw lengths run from 25 to 31.25 inches. Available finishes include the usual array of Martin camo patterns and target colors, and (not that it’s important) the cloaked camo cams option does look really cool. Retail price for this Gold Series bow is $500.

Prowler Pro

Martin’s new Prowler Pro weighs 3.3 pounds. (We thought that was worth mentioning up front.) Arguably a step up from the Exile—at least in terms of features—this bow is made with nothing but hunting in mind. While the Prowler Pro boasts much of the same technology as other Martin bows, including at its heart the Fury XT Single Cam, it’s designed with a more extreme limb angle, longer riser, and parallel-limb construction. At 330 fps it is super-quiet and virtually shock-free. Axle-to-axle length is 30 inches, brace height a full 7 inches, and the 80 percent adjustable letoff adds to this bow’s shootability. Draw weights are the standard 50, 60, and 70 pounds, and draw lengths are 24 to 301⁄2 inches. It’s available in Martin’s standard camo patterns and target colors. Did we mention this bow weighs 3.3 pounds? Suggested retail price for the Prowler Pro is $400.

Cougar FC

If you like the look, feel, and high-end features of a Martin hybrid cam bow but insist on maximum speed, you’ll want to check out the new Cougar FC, which at 345 fps IBO is clearly at the high end of the speed spectrum. Powered by Martin’s Nitro Hybrid Pro Cams, a moderate 321⁄4-inch axle-to-axle length, 80 percent adjustable letoff, and friendly 7-inch brace height offer a high level of shootability along with the high speed. A mass weight of 3.6 pounds makes it a pleasure to carry whether you’re spotting and stalking pronghorns or hiking to a treestand. Maximum draw weights are 50, 60, and 70 pounds, and draw lengths cover the range from 251⁄2 to 301⁄2 inches. If you prefer the feel of a single-cam bow, the Cougar FC is available with Martin’s Fury XT Single Cams. This version has a slightly shorter axle-to-axle length, slightly higher brace height, and a top speed of 330 fps. Available in Martin’s full range of camo and target finishes, the Cougar FC sells for $520.

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