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Bow Report: Martin Bengal Pro

Though it boasts several new and unique components, it shares the eye-catching widely flared riser that is common to several of Martin’s offerings, including the Cougar Pro and the Crossfire Pro.
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Bow Report: PSE Dream Season EVO

The PSE Dream Season EVO, introduced last year and tweaked with a few improvements for 2012, is arguably PSE’s best shot yet at finding the optimum compromise between pure speed and shootability.
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Bow Report: Mathews Heli-m

The Heli-m is the third generation Mathews bow to offer the distinctive Grid-Lock riser, and with a cam derived from the Z7 this bow is widely regarded as the successor to that extremely popular bow.
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Bow Report: BOWTECH Invasion CPX

Though unmistakably a BowTech bow, with BowTech’s signature OverDrive Binary Cam, Hardcore Limbs, InVelvet finish, and recently introduced FLX-Guard to reduce torque, several things distinguish this bow from its predecessors.
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Bow Report: Bear Anarchy

The new Anarchy is distinguishable from Bear’s previous designs in several ways, beginning with the trend-defying 351?4-inch axle-to-axle length. That’s a long bow by modern standards.
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