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How to be ready to harvest multiple coyotes

If you want to tag a double (or more) then you have to plan and practice so the opportunity doesn’t slip out of your grasp.
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Two proven mule deer tactics

Solid, proven approaches for bowhunting wary Western mule deer bucks.
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Offseason coyotes: fair game or not?

The late spring, summer and early fall is the offseason for coyotes. It’s the time period prior to when furs are prime and traditional fur taking would take place.
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Top 10 wolf hunting tips from RMEF members

Wolf hunting opportunities are opening up all across the country with seasons in at least six states this fur season.
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VIDEO: Tips for choosing the right predator outfitter

Mark Kayser offers tips for choosing a reliable outfitter for your next predator hunting adventure.
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Grizzly bear hunting could soon return to the lower 48

Once again the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is mulling a decision to delist grizzly bears from the threatened and endangered status.
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