Hoyt's New Bows for 2012

Carbon Element RKT

Hoyt introduces five new bows for 2012, all featuring the new Rocket Cam, an instantly acclaimed new Cam & 1/2 system that is both faster and smoother than Hoyt’s very successful FUEL cam. Another welcome new design element on Hoyt’s 2012 bows is the Perfect Balance Stabilization System, which offsets the stabilizer bushing by 3⁄4 inch to counterbalance quivers, sights, and other accessories. Available finishes for all the new bows include Realtree AP, Realtree Max-1, Bone Collector, Vicxen, Blackout, Half-and-Half (black riser with camo limbs), and several target colors.

First up is Hoyt’s 2012 Carbon Element RKT, which boasts the same distinctively styled, warm-to-the-touch, super-light carbon riser as last year’s original Carbon Element, but other basic components are brand new. For starters, the Carbon Element RKT features the Rocket Cam (which explains the RKT designation). An ATA speed of 330 fps is 7 fps faster than the original, thanks partially to a slightly smaller brace height of 63⁄4 inches. Also new for 2012: an improved in-line Roller Guard and a new Pro Lock X-Lite limb pocket system. Despite the new technology and faster arrow launch, basic specs remain the same, including the super-light weight of 3.6 pounds, an axle-to-axle length of 32 inches, and draw weights maxing out at 50, 60, 70, or 80 pounds. Also unchanged are draw lengths ranging from 24.5 to 30 inches and a wide range of available finishes. Some welcome features on this bow include the Silent Shelf, padding the riser shelf to all but eliminate noise from arrow contact or drop-away rests, and the previously mentioned Perfect Balance Stabilization System. Suggested retail price for the Carbon Element RKT is $1,399.

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Based on the original carbon bow that started it all, the 2012 Carbon Matrix RKT gets a serious makeover, beginning with the new Rocket Cams and including all the previously mentioned technology going into Hoyt’s 2012 bow line-up. The carbon riser makes it possible to gain the stability and forgiveness inherent in a slightly longer bow (35 inches in this case) at a comfortable 3.8 pounds. Brace height on the new Carbon Matrix is 63⁄4 inches and top speed is 325 fps. Draw weights cover a full range from 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80 pounds, with draw lengths starting at 251⁄2 inches continuing to 31 inches. (A long-draw option is available with slightly different limbs, a full 71⁄2-inch brace height, and draw lengths running from 31 to 32 inches.) Retail price for this bow is $1,399.

Vector 32

While carbon bows sometimes seem to hog the spotlight, Hoyt continues to design and produce other excellent bows, including the Vector series bows. Take the Vector 32 and 35 bows. Both boast the RKT Cam, along with Hoyt’s XTS Pro Arc limbs, the Pro-Lock X-Lite limb pockets with a new transverse limb bolt anchor and the whole array of Hoyt’s latest technology. At 32 inches axle to axle, the Vector 32 is very maneuverable without being overly compact. This bow is a comfortable carry at 4 pounds and features a very reasonable 63⁄4-inch brace height. Hoyt’s Silent Shelf padding around the cut-out suppresses sound. It reaches a high speed of 330 fps and is available in a wide range of draw weights including 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70 pounds, and draw length options running from 24.5 to 30 inches. Specs are similar for the Vector 35, differences including the 35 inches axle-to-axle, a wee bit more weight at 4.2 pounds, longer draw lengths ranging from 25.5 to 31 inches, and a top speed of 325 fps. (As with the Carbon Matrix RKT, a long-draw version of the Vector 35 is available with slightly different limbs and draw lengths at 31 to 32 inches.) Suggested retail price for the Vector 32 is $949, for the Vector 35 $999.

“The fastest, smoothest Hoyt ever.” That’s how Hoyt describes the new Vector Turbo, and bowhunters seeking Hoyt’s famous smooth-drawing and smooth-shooting qualities in a bow with blistering speed will want to give this bow a serious look. At a top speed of 340 fps, the 35-inch axle-to-axle Vector Turbo features not only Hoyt’s new RKT cam, but a Tech-Lite riser, XTS Pro-Arc Limbs, Stealth Shot, and pretty much all of Hoyt’s newest technology. A slightly skinny (by current standards), but still adequate brace height of 6 inches no doubt boosts the speed. It weighs 4.2 pounds (surprisingly light for its length) and is available in maximum draw weights of 40, 60, 65, 70, and 80 pounds and draw lengths starting at 24.5 inches, running to 30 inches. The Vector Turbo carries a price of $999 at full retail.

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