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Darron McDougal takes to the field to Bowhunt Turkeys Shotgun Style. “If you want to become that aggressive bowhunter in the turkey woods, ditch the ground blind and hunt like shotgun hunters do,” McDougal urges. “They can move more quickly, get closer, and set up more quietly. They kill more birds.” McDougal tells you how to make that happen.

Not only do turkeys have excellent hearing and phenomenal eyesight, they seem to possess an almost supernatural power to detect a human in their midst. One false move, one unwanted noise, and a gobbler will disappear from sight like a bolt of lightning. Bill Vaznis interviews three leading bowhunters how to overcome a turkey’s super senses in this month’s Secrets Of The Masters.

There are three basic ways to hunt black bears: spot & stalk method, over bait, or behind a pack of trained hounds. Which is best for you? In Black Bear Primer, Bob Robb reviews this and other topics. If you have ever considered pursuing this fascinating big game animal, this article is a great first step.

The major archery and outdoor trade shows are over. Rick Combs reviews this year’s ground-breaking innovations in Hot New Bows 2012. The good news? “Anyone bemoaning a decline of American technology and ingenuity isn’t talking about the archery business,” he says. Even better, manufacturers have something for budgets both big and not-so-big.

Now that you know what’s new on the market, shopping for a new bow is exciting, but it can also get confusing if you don’t know what to look for. Our Home Bow Mechanic Brad Strandlund tells us that it is a matter of balancing speed, forgiveness, weight, and adjustability to find the bow that fits you.

Bought some land? Mark Hicks discusses what it takes to produce bruiser bucks next fall as you Manage Your Piece of Whitetail Heaven. A major piece of advice for attracting and keeping deer: Determine the deer’s greatest need on your land. If you have excellent food sources, but little cover, create cover. If you have cover and food, but no water, create a water source.

Brain abscess, a silent killer, may be a more significant source of mortality in whitetails than once believed, especially among bucks 2.5 years of age and older. In April’s Whitetail Science, deer biologist Brian Murphy discusses the disease, its symptoms, which deer are susceptible, and the potential impact on whitetail health everywhere.

In this issue’s Bow Reports, Rick Combs analyzes the performance and attributes of two top bows. The Mathews Heli-M is a super-light performer that also features serious hunter-friendly silence. The PSE Dream Season EVO delivers both high speeds and shootability.

It is hard to beat an “off-season” trip to hunt hogs in the Deep South where bag limits are generous, seasons are long and the hunting can be exciting. Mike Strandlund offer tips for making the trip and connecting with one of these tough, wily grunters in From The Editor.

Finally, Bob Robb in Back Country recounts his greatest thrills of pursuing whitetail bucks throughout his life, especially the chase of a giant 11-pointer (“Almost 200 inches and certainly 275 pounds,” he thought.) with long, thick tines. How did it turn out?

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