Carbon Tech's New Bows for 2012

Lightning XP

To its original 2011 three-bow line-up, Carbon Tech offers a fourth bow in the Lightning XP. Modeled after the 2011 Lightning, it offers much of the same technology as the original Lightning as well as similar specifications. So what’s different? Speed, for one thing. While the 2011 model was rated at about 315 fps, top speed on the XP is closer to 330 fps. The Lightning XP is also more compact, at 30.5 inches vs. 32 inches for the 2011 Lightning. The shorter riser no doubt contributes to a slight weight savings, with the XP coming in at 3.5 pounds vs. the Lightning’s 3.7 pounds. Brace is the same generous 7.5 inches for both bows, but draw length for the XP is 25 to 30 inches, without the short draw module option of the Lightning. The same Duel Track hybrid cam system powers both bows, and both bows employ Carbon Zzz’s, a sorbaflex material to reduce noise and vibration on the string and limbs, as well as in a stabilizer (included), to make these bows super-quiet. A BCY Trophy 452X string blended with Gore Performance Fiber enhances performance. Available in Carbon Tech’s proprietary Lightning camo and several target colors; suggested retail price for the Lightning XP is $600.

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