APA's New Bows for 2012

Mamba M6

The Mamba M6 is one of seven new bows in APA’s 2012 line-up. The latest incarnation of the Mamba, the Mamba M6 is definitely in the speed bow category, propelling arrows at an IBO-rated 355 fps with over 97 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. The 61⁄8-inch brace height is more than adequate for most shooters, if a little skinny by the standards of today’s compact bows. Mass weight is a comfortable 3.8 pounds, and axle-to-axle length is a moderate 321⁄4 inches. APA bows are known for a number of unique and useful features, and the Mamba M6 boasts all of them, including the characteristic APA fang riser, which allows the bow to be hung from a tree limb, a balanced carrying handle, and a built-into-the-riser tool center that includes a nock turning tool, a broadhead wrench, carbide sharpeners, and a cam lock system allowing the strings and cables to be changed without a bow press. A quick-detach thumb screw enabling the cam lock system to be released without the use of a hex wrench is new for 2012. The cam system is APA’s high-performance dual-cam system. Letoff is 75 percent. The Mamba M6 sells for $859.

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