Alpine Archery's New Bows for 2012

Silverado Limited Edition

The 2012 Alpine Silverado Limited Edition is not just another pretty bow. Reintroduced by popular demand, the new incarnation features a super-sharp-looking black-powder-coated riser, matching brown cams, limb pockets, and grip, and Mossy Oak Infinity limbs. The grip is as functional as it is good-looking, and the same can be said about the other components. Alpine’s latest generation Velocitric cams use helical grooves to shift the balance point as the bow is drawn, preventing cam lean. The draw cycle is silky-smooth, and at the shot—assuming a proper loose grip—the Silverado jumps forward in the hand with no torque, no hand shock, and very nearly no sound. Top speed is good at 330 fps. Axle to axle the Silverado is 30 inches, with a generous 7 1⁄4-inch brace height. Mass weight is a comfortable 4.2 pounds, draw lengths run 27 to 30 inches, and available draw weights are 60 and 70 pounds. This bow retails for an attractive $599.

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