VIDEO: A less invasive 1911

CC3 1911

There are lots of 1911s out there in shooter's hands and many of them have classic lines without any rails to attach lights or lasers. It's always been a bit of an issue adding that capability to the popular handgun, with some 1911 owners a bit too protective of their precious iron to make radical changes.

But now there's a less invasive option for 1911 shooters to give their guns the rails they need for optical add-ons.

Designed by Tamir Porat, the Israeli engineer who played a pivotal role in building the Tavor bullpup rifle, the ReCover CC3 grip attaches easily to any 1911 frame and adds a tactical capability with minimal effort. The polymer grip retails for about $50 and comes in black, flat dark earth and OD green.

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