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Avery Outdoors takes a look at waterfowl migration reports.


Name:  Kevin Addy

Date:December 2, 2014

Location:Reading, PA      

Weather:Temps have been all over the place – warm one day and below freezing the next.

Snow Cover: None 

Water Conditions: Levels are still low.

Feeding Conditions: Good – Still seeing some corn to be harvested yet.

Species and Numbers:Mainly mallards, blacks and Canada’s. Some places have above average numbers for this time of the year while others are below.

Migrations:  Birds continue to trickle down. Still waiting for that big push.

Season Stage:AP geese closed on Sat. Ducks will remain open until the end now while goose is closed for deer season and open again on Dec15th.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been good for both ducks and geese but requires a lot of work to be in the right spot.

Gossip:Deer season opened Monday.


Name:  Eric Bartlett


Location:Hollis, Maine

Weather:Cold temps with snow falling and a light breeze.

Snow Cover: 8” of fresh snow

Water Conditions: Cold but open.

Feeding Conditions: Waterfowl looking hard at cut corn fields and hitting open water that thawed.

Species and Numbers:Roughly 100 Canada’s and the same amount of Green heads. We did see a hand full of Black ducks scattered about.

 Migrations: We are in the final stages of our season due to schedule and limitations of open water. Many birds are still coming through but will be limited in areas.

Hunting Report: Not many birds were in the air due to poor timing on weather.

Gossip:Watching the weather was part of our hunt this week and thinking we had created a solid plan, but once again the weather changed over night here in Maine. With a front moving through dumping about 8” of snow with a clearing trend following we thought we were good to catch birds heading to feed after the storm. As dawn arrived and snow started falling considerably with what was supposed to be mostly sunny skies the geese held tight. As the morning passed and we had to leave, the snow began to slow and the geese began to fly. Just like the weathermen, sometimes you never know.


Name:  Russell Brzezinski                       

Date:November 30th, 2014         

Location:Prince Edward Island, Canada

Weather:Overcast, cloudy, light snow and cold temps.

Snow Cover:  1-2” of snow

Water Conditions:  Small bodies of water are frozen already.

Feeding Conditions:  Hunting tidal flats and rivers

Species and Numbers:Good numbers of geese, mallards and black ducks seen.  Even a good number of mergansers

Migrations:Didn’t see any major migration.

Season Stage:  Late Season stage

Hunting Report:   Hunting was really good on the small river systems.  Birds decoyed readily to the rig.  Even with the cold conditions, we made the best of it and had a nice shoot for both mallards and geese.


Name:Richard Foley

Date: 12/2/14

Location:Fairfield, NC

Weather:Rather mild temperatures this week. Highs are in the 50’s

Snow Cover: none

Water Conditions: All water is open and is at good levels.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are feeding mostly in impoundments. Allot of the birds are feeding early and loafing the rest of the day.

Species and Numbers:Good amount of wigeon and gadwall. Starting to see more pintails.

Migrations:Big push of swans last week

Season Stage:End of the first split. Season restarts in two weeks.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been great early in the morning and tapering off around 9.

Gossip:  Has been a good season thus far


Name:  Sean M. Fritzges

Date:30 November 2014

Location:Bel Air, MD         

Weather:Weather has been up and down this week. Snow, rain, sleet, warm, cold….we don’t know how to dress!!!

Snow Cover: Approx. 4 inches this past Wednesday. 

Water Conditions: Bay tide levels normal. No ice. 

Feeding Conditions:  Canada geese feeding in cut corn and soy bean fields. Geese also feeding in grass fields. 

Species and Numbers:  Numbers not so good in our area of Maryland. I here many birds arrived to the eastern shore but our areas cold weather moved our geese south. We’re now waiting on new birds to arrive.

Migrations:  Migration continues with birds heard over night heading south and into our region.

Season Stage:  AP season first split ended Friday after Thanksgiving.  

Hunting Report:  The first split of the AP season was up and down. We started off to a great start on the geese the beginning of the week. By Wednesday, cold and snow moved the birds from our location. All our ponds froze overnight. Wednesday-Friday goose hunts were not so good.


Name:  Kenny Gray

Date:December 2, 2014

Location:Chestertown, MD

Weather:Changing hourly.  Yesterday was 70 and sunny, today temperatures are dropping during the day and are down in the 30’s.  The next couple days look like more of the same up and downs.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions:  Good to Average

Feeding Conditions: Geese are still feeding on cut corn and switching to bean during and after rain. 

Species and Numbers:Good numbers are dark geese, puddle duck numbers are low, no divers or snows as of yet. 

Migrations:New geese arrived the end of last week, not sure if it’s new birds coming down from the north or birds just relocating after the first week of the season.  Based on the high fliers the last couple of days, I assume they are new birds just coming down. 

Season Stage:With the exception of sea ducks, all waterfowl is currently closed during Maryland’s two week deer gun season. 

Hunting Report: Hunting was rough last week, birds were concentrated on a couple of local fields and if you weren’t on the X, you really had to work to get their attention and scratch out a few. 

Gossip:  New birds moving in the last couple of days give good hope to the second split of the season being very productive. 


Name:  Gerry Mazur

Date:December 2, 2014

Location:Luna Pier, Michigan

Weather: Cloudy with an East wind really stirring up the end of Lake Erie. Temps will be in the 30’s and maybe 40 for the rest of the week. Spitting some snow at times.

Snow Cover: Gone.

Water Conditions: Levels will change with the wind directions later in the week. Southwest will push water out and drop depth. Our warm weekend did open up places that were iced in with the cold snap.

Feeding Conditions: Plenty of food for the taking, with beans and corn down. Still some fields are too wet to get farm equipment into to harvest.

Species and Numbers:Very, very low numbers at the east end of the bay and lake.

Migrations:Sounds as the birds are still to our north and have no reason to leave.

Season Stage: Southern Michigan Zone will end December 7th for ducks and geese until the Christmas 2 day season, December 27&28th.

Hunting Report: All I have talked to have been thrilled to get a few Mallards and some Divers near the open water.


Name:  Marshall Starkey


Location:Essex, MD

Weather:Seasonal temps after just having a brief warm spell.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Average

Feeding Conditions: Cut agricultural fields and impoundments that have recently flooded are holding birds.

Species and Numbers:Canada goose numbers have increased the past week.

Migrations:New geese have continued to arrive on the upper shore. The next two weeks have usually seen a big push of birds into the area.

Season Stage:Firearm deer season remains open until 12/13. Sea duck in the gunning zone remains open.

Hunting Report: Deer hunters had great weather for the opener.

Gossip:Safe hunting!


Name:  Dave Weidner




Snow Cover: North Counties

Water Conditions: Low

Feeding Conditions: Excellent

Species and Numbers:Ducks and Geese


Season Stage:Middle

Hunting Report: Goose season has closed for the first split and there were decent numbers.  Snows appeared on time, but small numbers only.  Ducks have been hit or miss.  Prior to the recent snow, we had good numbers of puddlers – this group seems to have moved out and we await the next cold front to push some new birds into the region.  Coastal birds were hard to come by the day after the holiday, but cooperated nicely on Saturday.  Sea ducks have been very good.


Name:Bryn Witmier


Location:Strausstown, PA

Weather:  Had a pretty good cold snap last week:  Snow was very potty.  A slight change in elevation would mean the difference between little snow and inches.  All of it has melted since.

Snow Cover:None

Water Conditions:  Average levels and wide open.

Feeding Conditions:Excellent

Species and Numbers:Decent number of geese.  Ducks are spotty.

Migrations:Nothing major.

Season Stage:  Ducks are in until Jan. 15th.  Goose season is closed for deer season.

Hunting Report:  Almost everyone is deer hunting right now. Canada goose hunting was good over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Gossip:  All people want to talk about is deer.



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