Waterfowl Migration Reports — Mississippi

Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.


Name:Richard Shamla


Location: Clara City MN

Weather:Daytime highs in the 20’s with night time low in the single digits.  We had an arctic front come in and drop a fresh dusting of snow and cold. Last weekend we had highs in the 50’s and it melted all the snow.

Snow Cover: A new dusting in the area

Water Conditions: Most water is frozen except some goose holes on Lac Qui Parle Lake and the river.

Feeding Conditions: Remaining waterfowl are feeding in corn fields around the refuge.

Species and Numbers:  Not a large number of geese but there are still some around.

Migrations: None

Season Stage:Duck season is closed and we are nearing the end of goose season.

Hunting Report: Not many people have been hunting most people are ice fishing.

Gossip: With the high temperatures and winds a couple of fish house went through the ice on Big Stone Lake.  The fishing had been steady on most lakes.


Name:  Greg Owens

Date:Dec 16 2014

Location: Rochester, MN

Weather:Lows in the 20’s and highs in the 50’s

Snow Cover: Trace

Water Conditions:  Most of the area roost ponds have 5 to 7 inches of ice on them.

Feeding Conditions:  There is still a bunch of waste grain in the fields for the ducks and geese to feed on. 

Species and Numbers:  Duck and Goose numbers are pretty good, but the birds that are here have been here for a while and know the game.

Migrations:  none noted.

Season Stage:Duck season is over.  Geese go on through Jan 5th.

Hunting Report: Geese are getting tougher around town.  The geese train out and circle waiting for a flock to safely land in a field, then every flock behind them will pour into that field to feed.

Gossip:  Ice fishing is really starting to heat up.


Name:Justin Weber


Location:Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

Weather:Partly Sunny with lows in the 30’s and highs in the low 40’s

Snow Cover: Most snow has thawed out

Water Conditions: With warmer temperatures ice is starting to melt and more open water is becoming available to remaining birds.

Feeding Conditions: Geese are hitting cornfields in the morning and in the afternoon.

Species and Numbers:There are large concentrations of geese on open water with decent numbers of mallards and goldeneyes as well.

Migrations:There are very few birds north of us right now; however, have seen some geese heading north. Guessing this warmer weather has birds a little mixed up.

Season Stage:Late-Season

Hunting Report:Hunted a lake that had a section, with a good current flowing through it, that was open. Geese were very decoy and call shy. It seems that right now large spreads are needed to convince birds to commit to your spread.

Gossip:Lots of geese around for the last week of season!


Name:  Ralph Harr

Date: 12/15/2014

Location: St. Peter's mo 

Weather: very mild. 

Snow Cover: none 

Water Conditions: water conditions for the area are typical for this time ofthe year 

Feeding Conditions: fair to poor 

Species and Numbers: the birds that are around are mallards but numbers are extremely low and hunting has been terrible 

Migrations: nothing to speak of 

Season Stage: almost over for the duck part of the year 


Name:  Shaun Patrick


Location:Troy MO

Weather:Lows in the 20’s highs in the 30’s

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Good

Feeding Conditions: Good

Species and Numbers:Mallards

Migrations:We had a small push of birds into the area over the past few days with the front moving through.

Season Stage:Late

Hunting Report: Hunting has picked up in the area a bit over the past couple of days, prior to that we went through one of the worst stretches for hunting in the past few years.


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