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Name:  Kirk Steffensen

Location:Eagle, Nebraska

Notable Weather Changes/Differences This Season:  Very cyclic, seemed like we were either above average or below with a change every 5 to 7 days.

Winter Snow Summary:Very little, we only had to measureable snow falls and both were less than a couple inches.

Season Water Conditions: Good, with relatively normal level.  Ice formed shortly after Thanksgiving and remained all season.

Overall Feeding Conditions: Average, harvest was mostly completed by mid-November.

Duck Numbers Compared to Previous Years: Great, compared to last year when the season was really, really warm.  Overall, our numbers were above average.

Goose Numbers Compared to Previous Years:  Above average, but mainly due to the increased bag limits.

Notable Duck Migrations:There were three big pushes days this year, two in November and one in early-December. 

Notable Goose Migrations: Same as ducks, except snows busted through in one big push.

Overall Hunting Report:Great and fun season, had plenty of opportunities and time afield.

Name:Jared Shepard                   


Location:Scottsbluff, NE

Weather:Temperatures this past week have stayed mostly in the 40’s and 50’s with overnight lows dropping into the upper 20’s and lower 30’s.

Snow Cover: We still have no snow on the ground.

Water Conditions: Shallow ponds have thawed more and the river continues to flow without ice or slush.

Feeding Conditions: Plenty of corn, beans, alfalfa and prairie grass remaining for the birds.

Species and Numbers:Mallards remain the primary duck species still in the area; however with the warmer weather we have seen an increase in green-winged teal, wigeon, gadwall, and a variety of divers. Lots of geese remain in the area also including lesser and greaters.

Migrations:The reverse migration continues from this past week bringing up many new geese and ducks from the south.

Season Stage:Duck season is now closed and approximately 13 days remain in dark goose season. Light goose season re-opened on the 25th and will continue through the end of the conservation season.

Hunting Report: Reports of full limits of geese came from all over this past week as hunters continue to take advantage of the new birds from the south.

Gossip:No rumors just lots of pictures of limits of geese.

Name:Dallas W Branch

Location:Enid, Oklahoma

Notable Weather Changes/Differences This Season:  Weekly variations in weather patterns are beginning to be the norms everywhere it seems.  Weather varies from being in the lower digits to the 60’s the next day. 

Winter Snow Summary:Unpredictable and unreliable forecast.  There were more ice storms than snow.

Season Water Conditions: After being in a drought for over 7 years we had normal to above normal conditions throughout much of the area.

Overall Feeding Conditions:Fairly poor.  The winter wheat started off very well in the early season.  Most millet planted was flooded out to early in the season.

Duck Numbers Compared to Previous Years:  Similar to that in the years past just more spread out due to the amount of opportunities.

Goose Numbers Compared to Previous Years: Numbers have been lower than normal

Notable Duck Migrations:After the New Year the first two weeks had a noticeable push of both ducks and geese.

Notable Goose Migrations: They seemed to follow the same patterns as the ducks.

Overall Hunting Report:   Overall I would say that it was a successful season spending time with friends.  Bag limits weren’t as frequently filled as in years past.

Name:David Williams

Location: Choctaw, OK

Notable Weather Changes/Differences This Season:  Colder than average and dry.

Winter Snow Summary:  One significant snow event and one ice event occurred during the season. 

Season Water Conditions: Much improved water conditions from the past two seasons.

Overall Feeding Conditions: Abundant food available this season.

Duck Numbers Compared to Previous Years: Good duck numbers for the first half of the season.  The second half of the season was a bit below average.

Goose Numbers Compared to Previous Years: Excellent goose numbers were observed all season long.

Notable Duck Migrations:The most significant duck migration occurred during Oklahoma’s season split in early December. 

Notable Goose Migrations: The most significant goose migration occurred the week of Christmas.

Overall Hunting Report:  Overall this season was about average, although it seemed it was excellent at times compared to the previous two years.  



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