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Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.


Name:Kirk Steffensen

Date:December 17, 2014

Location:Lincoln, NE

Weather:Cool again. . .Temperatures dropped quick on Sunday night into Monday morning with day time highs below freezing with overnight low near single digits.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Most waters are open again but will quickly freeze when the wind lays up tonight.

Feeding Conditions: Good, all fields are open.

Species and Numbers:Good number of ducks and geese in the area.

Migrations:Nothing notable.

Season Stage:Duck season closed in the Zone 2 but goose seasons are open state-wide.

Hunting Report:Spotty, birds have been difficult to pattern with the weekend’s warmer weather.


Name:Jared Shepard       


Location:Scottsbluff, NE

Weather:Cooler temperatures moved in last night and brought some snow with them. Highs this coming week are expected to reach the upper 30’s and overnight lows into the single digits.

Snow Cover: Snow last night and this morning totaled approximately 6-8 inches.

Water Conditions: The water level is stable in the river and at a good depth and speed for hunting. Ponds are starting to melt around the edges but most remain frozen in the middle. High winds expected this week should keep them open.

Feeding Conditions: Lots of corn, beans and alfalfa are available for migratory birds but they may have to dig through the snow for a couple days to get to it.

Species and Numbers:Excellent numbers of geese! Duck numbers remain average for this time of year; the majority being mallards with a smattering of widgeon, gadwall and some green wings.

Migrations: It appears as if we received a few ducks and geese with this most recent front but not many.

Season Stage:All waterfowl seasons and pheasant season are open! Waterfowl seasons are about at the half way point.

Hunting Report: The goose hunting report remains excellent. Duck hunters should see an increase in activity with the cooler weather this coming week.

Gossip:Same gossip as every year…stalled birds in the Dakota’s and stale birds here for the time.


Name:  Dallas W. Branch

Date: 12.15.2014

Location:  Morrison, OK

Weather:Grey and Humid with light mist.  Very little wind and temperatures from mid 40’s to upper 60’s

Snow Cover:   N/A

Water Conditions:  Lake is about 1’ below normal

Feeding Conditions:  Winter wheat is doing well.

Species and Numbers:  Ducks and Geese are in low numbers

Migrations:No Migrations lately

Season Stage:Season is open

Hunting Report:  Hunters are low and low success

Gossip:  Mild damp temperatures have slowed things down since the last week.



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