Waterfowl Migration Reports — Pacific

Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.


Name:Allen Riggs


Location:Metaline, WA

Weather:Partial clouds, high temps in the upper 60s low temps in the upper 30s.  The temps are beginning to drop and rain has started to fall. The weather is becoming more hunter friendly.

Snow Cover:N/A

Water Conditions:Water is still warm, river levels are somewhat high.

Feeding Conditions: Birds have harvested grain fields and water to feed in.

Species and Numbers:Canada goose numbers are about average, pintail numbers are high. Mallard and wigeon numbers are average.

Migrations:Pintail seem to be coming in; all other species are not migrating yet.

Season Stage:First week of the season.

Hunting Report:People are had good success on the opener. Goose harvest is a little low.

Gossip:With the cooler weather coming, all looks good.


Name:  Kent Contreras


Location:Newport, WA

Weather:Low temps have been in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s. Forecasts show some frontal disturbances moving through the area all week. Some rain showers have occurred and forecasts show a bit more unstable weather moving in.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water levels are above average.

Feeding Conditions: Good feeding conditions at this time.

Species and Numbers:Average number of resident geese and puddle ducks.

Migrations:None, still holding resident birds.

Season Stage:Opening weekend was Oct. 11th. First week of the regular season.

Hunting Report: We had agood opening weekend. Limits of puddle ducks and most hunters took home some goose meat. Windy conditions kept birds moving and hunters shooting. All in all it was a good weekend.

Gossip:  Should be a decent week number 2 for the NE corner of the state.


Name:Gene Carter

Date:Oct. 13th, 2014

Location:Upper Sacramento Valley

Weather:Average temperatures for this time of year

Snow Cover:  None

Water Conditions: The start of the season is upon us, California is in drought conditions. No water supply for farms or duck clubs, local state and federal refuges have limited water supplies.

Feeding Conditions:  Near water-conditions are good.

Species and Numbers: Near any water sources duck numbers are strong, specks are here in great numbers.

Migrations: Specks are moving in.

Season Stage:2nd week of the season.

Hunting Report:  Hunters did very well on specks if they were near water sources.

Gossip:Need water!


Name:Matt Thomas

Date:Oct, 13th 2014           

Location:Indio, California

Weather:Clear, 78 to 89 degrees, light winds.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: clear at 70 degrees and low

Feeding Conditions: Good with new food sprouting right on time.

Species and Numbers:Good numbers for this weekend’s opener, best numbers for an opener in a decade.

Migrations:New birds showing up regularly, but still haven’t seen any evidence of a true migration.

Season Stage:Opening week for the season

Hunting Report: The opener is going to be one to remember!

Gossip: It could be over quickly for some hunters that don’t pick and choose the quality birds that we already have in the area. Either way, full straps and blind limits by 10am!


Name:Travis Lyle


Location:Fernley, NV

Weather:  Mid 70’s for a high - lows in the 40’s. 

Snow Cover:  What was in the mountains is now gone. 

Water Conditions: BadWorst I’ve ever seen.  Most areas have little to nowater, and nothing in the foreseeable forecast.  Still water refuge may have one small area to hunt. Greenhead will have one area with water but it could get crowded fast. 

Feeding Conditions: Its’ the same as the water, little to none. 

Species and Numbers:Lots of spoonbills and coots. Mostly local geese and some early migrants, but very few at this time.

Migrations:Did see some snow geese so there are birds moving. 

Season Stage:Eastern zone is open now.  October 11th was the starting date for the rest of the state. 

Hunting Report: Opening day was packed with people. Heard some good and bad stories, from limits to fights - opening day was rough. 

Gossip:  Not looking good for this season.  Good luck fella’s.


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