Waterfowl Migration Reports — Pacific

Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.


Name:  Geffrey Duncan

Date: 12/14/14


Weather:Received a lot of rain over the week. It did clear up over the weekend though with some fog in the mornings

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Fields have a bit of water in them from rain but the rivers never broke the banks

Feeding Conditions:  Plenty of food around with oats, corn and smart weed

Species and Numbers:Not many geese, quite a few widgeon though!

Migrations:Starting to see more ducks in the area

Season Stage:Mid-Late Season

Hunting Report: It’s finally picking up a little and people are doing better

Gossip:Hoping they keep coming!


Name: Zach LaBorde

Date: December 15, 2014

Location: Centralia, Washington

Weather: Highs in the mid 40’s and lows in the upper 30’s. Cloudy early on Saturday with a pretty consistent wind of 5 to 10 mph from the ENE

Snow Cover: No snow cover in western Washington at this time

 Water Conditions: No bodies of water are iced over on the west side of the state. Quite a few fields are holding sheet water after storms early last week that brought heavy rain

Feeding Conditions: With the colder weather, most birds are feeding in corn, both ducks and geese

Species and Numbers: Very strong number of Widgeon, Pintail, and Green-Wing Teal. A few Cacklers and honkers linger in the area but most have moved on. A handful of Mallards in the morning but the sheer numbers of Widgeon and Pintail made for full skies all morning

Migrations: Large numbers of puddle ducks moved inland off the coast after the rough weather this week. Large wind storm moved ducks off big bodies of water into more sheltered pockets. These are not new migrations of northern ducks I would guess because the storm came from the southwest

Season Stage: We are about half way through the duck season right now.

Hunting Report: The duck hunting was awesome this weekend. Limits of all drake widgeon and pintail were taken by 9 am.  There was quite a bit of shooting in the area and there were plenty of ducks to go around for all the groups of hunters


Name:  Kent Contreras


Location:Newport, Wa.

Weather:  Forecasts show a 30-40% chance of snow showers thru the week with temperatures dipping into the 20’s and highs reaching the upper 30’s. A weak cold front will pass thru the area this week but will not be significant enough to push birds.

Snow Cover: Snow continues to fall in the highest elevations but the valley floor remains dry.

Water Conditions: Water levels continue to fluctuate as the dams release and hold back water

Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions remain good; fields are still open with only a little snow covering shaded areas

Species and Numbers:Nothing more than the birds that came into the area a couple weeks ago. Those that are staying in the area are big Canada geese, divers and some puddle ducks. Biggest population of birds in the area remains to be the geese, although divers are gaining on them. Goose numbers are probably in the 5-6 thousand range in the valley

Migrations:Haven’t seen many new birds at all. Only divers are increasing in numbers. Most birds pushed out of the area last week

Season Stage:Week 10 of the season!

Hunting Report: Last week’s mild temperatures may have been enough for the birds to take flight out of here. Some heavy rains occurred late last week and really shut down the hunting. Birds that remain are so decoy and call shy that they are actually doing 90 degree turns to avoid lifeless decoy spreads. They have wizened up enough to know where they can take refuge and stay put for most of the day. Hunting was very poor last weekend

Gossip:  Would really like to see some cold weather show up to get the birds moving around a little. We need fresh birds


Name:  Travis Lyle

Date:  12-15-14

Location:Western NV

Weather:  Mid 40’s for a high, and lows in the 20’s 

Snow Cover:   Had a good storm move in and put about 3 feet in the mountains finally.  We need lots more but it’s a good start.  Forecasted to get snow this week as well

Water Conditions: BadThe area’s that have water are holding do to the cooler temps.  Water levels should remain the same for the season

Feeding Conditions:   Its’ the same as the water, little to none.  Been seeing some plots of widgeon grass floating around in a few areas

Species and Numbers:  More spoonbills have moved in.  Still a few widgeons and mallards.  Seeing more honkers around too still not a lot in the area

Migrations:  Doesn’t seem to be much around.  Got to get out and scout for sure now

Season Stage:  Mid-season

Hunting Report:  Better scout now.  Have some cold overnight temps coming and that will change the hunting


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