Waterfowl Migration Reports — Pacific

Avery Outdoors takes a look at Waterfowl migration reports.


Name:Allen Riggs


Location:Metaline, WA

Weather: Temperatures are dropping, highs this week will be in the 40s with lows in the teens. Rain is moving in and out, snow is beginning to fall at higher elevations.

Snow Cover:Snow above 3000 feet.

Water Conditions:Water is cold and clear.

Feeding Conditions:Birds are feeding in the nearby fields and loafing and feeding in the rivers and lakes.

Species and Numbers:Both Canada goose and duck numbers are lower than average right now.

Migrations:Beginning to see some Canada geese moving through.

Season Stage:Week 5 of the season.

Hunting Report:Hunting remains slow due to the lack of birds.

Gossip:Hunting should pick up with the cold weather moving through.


Name:Kent Contreras


Location:Newport, WA

Weather:Low temps have been in the teens and highs in the 30’s. Forecasts are showing a good cold snap reaching the area with some snow flurries and windy conditions.

Snow Cover: Snow arrived to the higher elevations over the week and some valley bottom snow flurries have occurred.

Water Conditions: Water levels are starting to drop.

Feeding Conditions: Moderate to good feeding conditions at this time.

Species and Numbers:Below average number of resident geese and puddle ducks.

Migrations:A few starting to show up – mostly Canada geese. Duck numbers remain static for now.

Season Stage:Fifth week of open season!

Hunting Report: With rain showers over the week – birds were scarce. Should see an increase in numbers as forecasts are favorable and water level dropping on the Pend Oreille River.

Gossip:Birds that are in the area have to seek refuge on the river as small ponds, lakes and backwaters begin to freeze.


Name:Russell Brzezinski            

Date:November 9th, 2014           

Location:Scappoose, Oregon

Weather:Clear, sun and mild temps.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Small farm ponds

Feeding Conditions: Wheat fields

Species and Numbers:Didn’t see the number of birds we saw in years past. The migration seems to be behind schedule this year for dark geese and mallards – not many geese around

Migrations:Didn’t see many migrators either.

Season Stage:  Mid-season stage

Hunting Report:  Fair hunting this weekend on teal and wigeon.  Not many mallards around or geese which seems odd.  Reports are mixed from the area and many believe they’re still stacked up north of the border.


Name:Rob Friedel 

Date: 11/9/2014

Location:Hooper, UT

Weather:Warm, calm and sunny!

Snow Cover: Nada

Water Conditions: Impoundments for the WMAs are all holding a good bit of water.  The Great Salt Lake and surrounding marshes are struggling. Local WMA manager says they are holding on to what little they have since October produced nearly zero rain!

Feeding Conditions: There wasn’t a real push to get fat for a migration this week. Hard to when the highs are in the upper 60s.  A full moon led to easy night flying and eating after shooting hours.

Species and Numbers:The swans are continuing to show up, along with more divers.  Didn’t see a surge in puddle ducks this week.

Migrations:Swans and divers

Season Stage:One month and a week down.

Hunting Report: Hunted a lot scouted more, harvested very few. Bunched birds seemed to separate making it tough to find concentrations.  Big water layout spreads have been shooting well.

Gossip:Just lie to me and tell me that it will get better soon!


Name:Travis Madden                   


Location:Orem, Utah

Weather:Mornings have cooled off and clear skies and sunny the remainder of the week

Snow Cover:None

Water Conditions:Depending on where you hunt it will vary most places are low

Feeding Conditions:Again feeding conditions are varying with little water this summer. Fields should have good feed

Species and Numbers:Lots of divers moving into the area. Still plenty of puddle ducks and more are moving in.

Migrations:Seeing new birds with the last cold front. Swans are also starting to move in

Season Stage:A month into the season and warm temps made it not so hot hunting but November should heat up!

Hunting Report:More birds being harvested with the last cold front. Swans are starting to show up as well. Hunting should get good for November.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name:David Harper          


Location:Twin Falls, Idaho

Weather:Temps have been warm with day time temps hitting the mid-sixties with abundant sunshine, until the front moved through the last couple of days. Yesterday I never saw the temp get above 28 and colder forecasted for today. With snow expected the next two days.

Snow Cover:No snow cover today, all could be changing Thursday this week.

Water Conditions: There is a lot of water around right now but is freezing up quickly with the cold front unless birds are keeping it open.

Feeding Conditions: A lot of the corn has been harvested and birds are using it readily. I expect them to be in it even more with the dramatic drop in temperatures.

Species and Numbers:Great mix of ducks around now, major push of divers on the front of this storm as well as mallards and pintails. The geese are still lagging behind a bit.

Migrations:For the last couple of days I have watched large groups of migrators moving into the area as this front pushing through. Snow geese to ducks have made a definite appearance.

Season Stage:1 month down.

Hunting Report: With the recent change in weather, things are picking up! If you haven’t made it out yet, now is the time for some good hunting. 

Gossip:Canvasbacks and redheads are sitting heavy on the Snake River, could make for some fun shoots.


Name:Tailor Sponcey       


Location:Twin Falls, Idaho

Weather:Highs in the 50-60s until cold front moved in on 11-9. Highs in the 30s the past couple days.

Snow Cover:0 inches on valley floor.

Water Conditions: Most areas are full except for the Hagerman WMA.

Feeding Conditions: Corn harvest is still going on so feed fields are becoming more abundant.

Species and Numbers:Very mixed species list right now of mostly mallards, wigeon, gadwall, pintail, and some divers. Mallards have really moved in from some hunting reports I’ve heardof the last two days.

Migrations:Mallards have made a big push into the valley and some flocks of swans and snow geese are passing over.

Season Stage: 1 month down.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been difficult due to the lull of locals leaving and migrators not here yet. I am seeing and hearing of good numbers of mallards being killed since the storm hit on Monday.

Gossip: Nothing at this time. 


Name:Travis Lyle


Location:Fernley, NV

Weather:Mid 60’s for high temps. And lows in the 40’s

Snow Cover: There’s still a little left up there, but with the warmer temps it’s melting fast.

Water Conditions:Bad.Water is now shut off going to greenhead and Stillwater.  This is it, so make the best of it and hope for wet weather. Other area’s water is still receding, but hoping with the cold weather it will slow down

Feeding Conditions: Its’ the same as the water, little to none.  Been seeing some plots of wigeon grass floating around in a few areas

Species and Numbers:Still have spoonbills and teal.  There are some mallards, swans and some snows that showed up over the weekend.  Birds are moving in but I’m thinking they are not going to stay long once they see the water or lack thereof

Migrations:Birds are showing up but might not stay long.  Have to hit it just right this year.

Season Stage:Into the fifth week of the season.

Hunting Report: Not many limits coming out of anywhere and not many hunters over the weekend.

Gossip:Still hear people yelling, and with the way they have some of the areas set up with opening gates it’s no big surprise. Not hearing much at all gossip-wise.


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